zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Party.. damn


The titel of this post may suprise you. I never EVER used "Party" and "damn" in one sentence. But today I did, my neighbours are giving a party, because their son graduated. He is sixteen and did the easiest version of secundary school in Holland. It's called vmbo and you are done in FOUR years. When you are smarter than that, you do pre-university education, or VWO, as we call it in Holland. That takes you six years. I'm seventeen, so that means I have to do lots of exams before summer.
I have, for instance, Monday a History exam and Teusday an English exam. I really need to study for them and I really can't, because of that stupid party! :(
I really like party's:) I have lots when I'm done with school for the year, but for now.. I'm bound to my small attic. Which is very cozy, but also very warm in summer.

Right now, the smoke alarm is going off, because my neighbours smoke wayyy to much.

Now something very different:

My favorite items from the H&M summer sale!

See ya!
xxx Jackie

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