dinsdag 13 september 2011

My new love

The chino!!!

I love the one from Vero Moda, on the left, I can't wait to buy it. The one from ZARA in the middle, is
 also beautiful, but it looks weard because of that heals.. I don't think they match that well with the Chino... I love Chino's with high heels under them like on the other pictures.

What do you think of Chino's?
Have you bought one? Where?
xxx Jacky

Cosmogirl Lookbook,


The Magazine Cosmogirl form Holland has made a online lookbook where you can post some of your favorite looks!
I will show you my favorites:
jurkje: Jane Norman // gele clutch: Jane Norman // schoenen: Poco Loco // ketting: kijkshop // oorbellen: vintage // horloge: regalblouse: Vila // shorts: Zara // schoenen: Manfield // tas: Invito // zonnebril: H&M // ringen: vintage, H&M // ketting: vintage

By fashionableandme, 16 years old, from Workum, Holland


By Cestlissa, 14 years old, from Belgium

by Laceandpearls, 15 years old, from Nimwegen, Holland

There aren't that many looks yet, because the lookbook has just started. But if you are from holland and you wan't to join this fashionista's, you can go to the cosmogirl website and sign in!

xxx Jacky



Yesterday I fainted at school! At one moment I was just walking out of the cafeteria and the next I was on the grond with my head on the cold floor.. It was covered in Sand and discusting! When I finally sat with my back against the wall, I fainted again... and again on that discusting floor! I really hit my head hard and I had a headacke all day and today too. So I stayed at home and after a long sleep, I did my homework.. a lot of Art History, Jugendstil and stuff. I have exams at the end of the year and than I will be done with high school! Finally!

Lets hope, I never faint again!
xxx Jacky

maandag 12 september 2011

Face Chart!


This is my first Face Chart! I hope you like it. It's a little simple, but I still like it.

xxx Jacky

zondag 11 september 2011

Zara lookbook favorites!

I thought I would do a Zara August Favorites blog since I also did a H&M favorites blog,

I really like the one on the right and the one with the golden skirt! I love that coulour and the fact that it's so dressy.

I don't know if the news has reached you, but there was a huge scandal about ZARA last month. They had "slaves" in Brazil who worked their but of to make ZARA clothes. But there are so many clothinglines that have underpaid employees, and ZARA stil makes beautifull clothes so I won't give them up so easily! What do you thing about this ZARA scandal?

xxx Jacky



Today it's finally sunday, I'm done with work, school and everything and I can finally get some rest!:)
But I did have some time to look at the new H&M fall collection and select some favorites:
Have a nice day!!!
xxx Jacky

maandag 27 juni 2011

Mac Collection!


I forgot to tell you about the newest Mac cosmetics collection: Semi-Precious Face collection!

I really love the mineralized skinfinishes!



Today it finally feels like summer. It's really hot outside and I've a pool party in one hour! I'm so excited! :) My last exam of this year went great! Only one test tomorrow and then I'm finally done this year!!! I will post some photo's from the party tonight:)

xxx Jackie

zondag 26 juni 2011

sleepy me


Today my whole life revolved about my upcoming exams. My blog won't be as exciting as I would like it to be. I leaned my history and my English. After (and during) that, I watched Paris Hilton's Dubai bff, and I feel really ashamed for watching that. I hate rich people who didn't do anything themselves and live from their fathers money. But, I always want the most honest person to win, and she did! The silent, smart and lovely Term won. She is very highly educated and I think she really deserved to win. So, give it up for Reem!


zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Party.. damn


The titel of this post may suprise you. I never EVER used "Party" and "damn" in one sentence. But today I did, my neighbours are giving a party, because their son graduated. He is sixteen and did the easiest version of secundary school in Holland. It's called vmbo and you are done in FOUR years. When you are smarter than that, you do pre-university education, or VWO, as we call it in Holland. That takes you six years. I'm seventeen, so that means I have to do lots of exams before summer.
I have, for instance, Monday a History exam and Teusday an English exam. I really need to study for them and I really can't, because of that stupid party! :(
I really like party's:) I have lots when I'm done with school for the year, but for now.. I'm bound to my small attic. Which is very cozy, but also very warm in summer.

Right now, the smoke alarm is going off, because my neighbours smoke wayyy to much.

Now something very different:

My favorite items from the H&M summer sale!

See ya!
xxx Jackie

My first post!


Welcome to my blog!!!
I'm Jacqueline Schiffer, from the Netherlands. I'm 17 years old and I love fashion!
Let's start right away, shall we?

Today I bought 5 nailpolishes from Catrice

Sorry for the bad quality!

They are called (from the left to the right):

450 Sand Franciso, a very nice gold/sandy colour
390 Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! I love this name! It's like.. apple green.
250 Sea Green. A very nice green, a little bit darker than the 390.
210 Just Married. This is a very light pink with a pearly accent to it, it's very nice
030 Meet me at Coral Island. A pink again, only this one is very bright and happy. It's a coral colour and will look very nice in summer.

Have a nice day!
xxx Jackie